When you consult with one of our agents, we evaluate the insurance requirements of Connecticut , your lender, and compare them with your desires.

As an employer, your employees are valued assets to your company. But they are also people; your associates, friends, and partners in the success of your business. Worker’s Comp Insurance assures your employees that if they are injured on the job or contract an illness directly relatable to their employment that their medical bills and a portion of their lost wages will be covered by this insurance. Worker’s Comp Insurance is required of most businesses in Connecticut. Not only does it protect your employees, it can also protect you against any contention by an employee that their injury was a result of negligence on your part.

Having adequate worker’s comp insurance can protect you against severe losses due to lawsuits and injuries on the job. However, with respect to watching your expenses, getting the most value for your insurance dollar is also important. Give us a call and we can go over your needs and get you the coverage you want without overtly affecting your bottom line. We will work with our affiliates to customize a policy that everyone in your organization can feel good about.


You are covered

We can take your current coverage, audit it, and then price it out for you with multiple insurance providers to see who has the best deal possible.

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