Our insurance agents are professionals who understand your needs. We will and evaluate the coverage your current lender is providing against the insurance requirements of Connecticut, and any special circumstances that affect your situation to get you the best rates possible.

Connecticut Home Owners Insurance

Our insurance agents are professionals who understand the value of your home from an investment perspective, but also from a very personal perspective. You aren’t simply insuring a house, you’re insuring one of the most important investments you’ll ever make—an investment that keeps your family safe and warm at night. For most of us, our home is the center of our lives, where our family, friends, and neighbors gather for all occasions large and small. To adequately insure your home is to protect all that you hold dear. We’re honored to help you do that.

Durango Insurance is committed to making sure important details of your life and home are covered; and we have the policy options to make that happen for you—all at affordable rates.


Home Owners Policy will protect the following:

  • All structures on your property and the property itself
  • Your personal property and al your belongings including your furniture, your appliances, an your clothing, are protected, up to certain limits
  • Inquire about getting additional insurance for your jewelry.
  • Every policy includes personal liability protection for injuries or property damage caused by your or members of your family to other people on your property.
  • Injuries to your household pets while inside your home.
  • Living expenses if a fire or other insured disaster leaves you temporarily unable to live in your home.

You are covered

We can take your current coverage, audit it, and then price it out for you with multiple insurance providers to see who has the best deal possible.

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