When you consult with one of our agents, we evaluate the insurance requirements of Connecticut , your lender, and compare them with your desires.

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Boats, like cars, come in different sizes, styles, and functions. No matter what kind of boat you own, whether it is a personal watercraft, jet boat, sailboat, fishing boat, or a dinghy, we have the coverage you want and need. Also like cars, boat insurance is a requirement in Connecticut and usually demanded by the lien holder of the boat as well. Many of the coverage options typical to car insurance are available on boat insurance policies except car insurance usually doesn’t offer on-water towing and that is an option for your boat insurance.

Liability coverage is required on all boats. After that, you and your lien holder have many options including roadside assistance (during towing), total loss replacement, and more. Is your boat personal or commercial? How many people can it carry? Is it a houseboat? Let’s sit down together and go over the variables to make sure you have the coverage you want and need at the best possible price.

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